A downloadable game for Windows

Created for Global Game Jam 2020 with  Shiro Sennen, KingLullaby, Fayr1. Theme was "Repair."

Dodge the barrage of cannonballs and repair your ship in this fast-paced, arcade-style game. Collect scrap wood from broken floor tiles to rebuild the ship to its finest prestige.

WASD/Arrow Keys to move.

Global Game Jam Link: https://globalgamejam.org/2020/games/stay-afloat-8


StayAfloatGame.zip 22 MB


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Here's a gameplay critique I made on Stay Afloat!

The movement is so snappy and responsive.  And I like how the wood slides into place.   Things get tense pretty quickly as you run out of space and are forced to make quick decisions.

Good job!